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History of Stridon

Stridon since establishment

The company Stridon promet was named after a settlement at the border of the Roman provinces Liburnia (today Dalmatia) and Pannonia. Stridon was also the birthplace of St. Geronimo, the patron saint of the Dalmatian region. For many years, the company’s trademark has been the Roman bridge at Šujica. The company logo includes typography (name Stridon) and a stylised bridge in two shades of blue. Over the years, the graphic design has changed several times, though always with the intent of retaining its recognisability.

From its establishment and over the next 25 years, Stridon has opened five wholesale centres, three distribution centres, and built the network of its own retail chain throughout Croatia. Innovativeness, enthusiasm and a winning spirit are the fundamental principles that have raised this company to become a leader in the organisation and distribution in the HoReCa channel.

History of Stridon

1991. (9 October) Stridon prometwas established as a limited liability company for import/export, retail and wholesale trade

1992. company begins wholesale operations, with the opening of the first discount beverage centre in Dugo Selo

1993. first shop opened in the Knežija quarter of Zagreb

1996. start of import and distribution of snacks (chips, popcorn, peanuts) of the Italian manufacturer Pat

1997. shop opened in the Siget quarter of Zagreb

1999. discount shops opened in Savica and Siget quarters of Zagreb

2000. sister company Stridon usluge establishes, network of discount centres expanded

2002. Sesvetski Kraljevec sales centre opened, continued expansion of the retail network with the opening of the shop in Vrije. At the end of the year, wholesale and company management relocated to a new facility in Sesvete, at Ivana Keleka 83, where it remains to this day

2003. start of import and distribution of pasta, tinned vegetables and biscuits by the Italian manufacturer Divella, opening of the discount shop in Retkovec in Zagreb

2004. start of import and distribution of Vispak products and Bimal oils

2005. start of import and distribution of candies by the Italian manufacturer Liking. The wholesale centre in Rijeka was opened, and today is a distribution centre, start of production of the private brands of edible oil Vitally and Ideal (vegetable and sunflower)

2006. start of operation of the wholesale warehouse in Vinkovci, today a distribution centre. Continued development of the private brand Ideal with a line of fruit syrups

2007. wholesale centre opens in Split, today is a distribution centre, opening of two discount shops in Ivanić-Grad and Velika Gorica.

2008. start of import and distribution of Midi products, opening of shop in Plaško and discount shop in Vrbovec.

2010. Stridon continues with significant investments and expansion of its retail network. In this year, three shops and wine shops were opened. The company also continued to develop the Ideal private brand of wines, thereby expanding the product line, and providing additional comparative edge for customers.

2012. continuation of significant investments in the retail sector. Opening of four new retail facilities and takeover of the wholesale centre in Koprivnica. As a socially responsible company, Stridon continued in 2012 to care for youth and to assist the community, stressing the importance of the environment in which the company operates. In order to strengthen the hospitality sector, the new sister company Nikol ugostiteljstvo d.o.o. was established, and the Lex 1 cafée opened in City Center One East, Slavonska avenija 11D.

2015. continued new investments, expansions in the retail network. The sister company Stridon usluge d.o.o. began with its own production of desserts (cakes, ice cream, pralines and desserts). Continued optimisation of existing business processes, raising productivity and quality of service in the retail sector. Takeover of the wholesale centre in Karlovac. Start of distribution of Germany’s no.1 beer brand, Krombacher.

2016. continued new investments in expanding the retail network. The sister company Nikol ugostiteljstvo began its own production and packaging of products intended for the HoReCa channel (hospitality sugar packets, cookies, chocolates, peanuts). Start of import and distribution of the beers of the Nectar and Kastel Banjalučke breweries, and products of the Macedonian manufacturer Vitaminka.

2017. start of distribution of basmati rice and Aloe Vera juices by the Australian distributor Mulackal, import and distribution of the Rubin alcoholic beverages, and distribution of desserts by the Austrian manufacturer Heindl – Mozart balls and Pichinger hazelnut bars.